Terak Diskettes and Documentation

Here are listed the Terak-related diskettes and documentation in my possession.


This sections lists the diskettes I have for my Terak 8510/a. All diskettes are 8-inch single-sided, soft-sectored media with a capacity, I believe, of 256KB. The list is organized by operating system.

UCSD Pascal

  Label Description
  UICU01 Tim McCaffrey's terminal program
    Terak User's Group Pascal Games Disk 1 for UCSD Pascal V2.0. Disk 1 of 1. PS20-85-0001. Dated 25-Aug-81. Includes Alien, Breakout, Subwar, Space, and Othello.
  L1-Ada Ada compiler for UCSD Pascal V2.0, by Robert Mathis. Disk 1 of 1. PS20-85-0002. Dated 28-May-81, Rev 0.
  CPM: This appears to be an Intel 8080 version of UCSD Pascal. Probably not for the Terak. Dated 18 Aug 1978.
  PAS80: General UCSD Pascal I.4 stuff; maybe not 8080-specific despite the label.
  PAS80: 8080-related UCSD Pascal I.4 stuff; may be same as above.
  PASCAL: Source to UCSD Pascal I.4 linker, debugger, booter, CALC, PATCH, and other pieces.
  1.4JDIS: System diskette for UCSD Pascal 1.4J.
  SOURCE1: Source code to UCSD Pascal I.4. Dated 18 Aug 1978.
  SOURCE2: Source code to UCSD Pascal I.4.
  SOURCE2: Apparently the same as above. Dated 18 Aug 1978.
  SOURCE3: Says "80" on the label; may be Intel 8080-related source. Dated 18 Aug 1978.
  UCSD15: Boot disk for UCSD Pascal I.5. Most recent file that appears to be a system file (SYSTEM.PASCAL) has date 17-Nov-78.
  UCSD15: Copy of above?
  UCSD15: Another copy? This one says on the label "Includes disassembler".
  UCSD2.0: UCSD Pascal 2.0.
  UCSD2.0: Copy of above
  MAPS: Terak demos. Dated 11-20-79.
    SoftTech Microsystems UCSD Pascal Orientation Programs.
    Bootable disk with a couple of demo programs.
  CALLS Label says "CALLS with a Dutch demo. With 1.4J"
  PROSE Some application.
    Label says "A law program using PIL". I don't know what PIL (or PIC?) is.
    Label says "Some utility programs".
  SPRUCE Some application.
  QUIZ: No description. Dated 18 Aug 1978.


  Label Description
  MRR002 qxsys (boot floppy)
  MRR003 /lib (normally sits in second diskette drive)
  UIC101 /usr/lib
  UNIX04A /usr/lib
  UNIX01A /qxsys
  UDIST01 qxsys. Bootable system disk, dated 4/30/80.
  UDIST02 /bin. System commands.
  UDIST03 /lib. C compiler passes, assembler, libraries.
  UDIST04 /usr/bin. Utilities.
  UDIST05 /usr/lib. Assorted libraries, including nroff.
  UDIST06 /usr/sys/sys. File system and process manager: system sources.
  UDIST07 /usr/sys/dev. I/O handlers: system sources
  UDIST08 /usr/sys. *.h files
/usr/sys/qxsrc. Bootstrap, etc.
  UDIST09 /minidoc. Original Mini-UNIX documentation.
  UDIST10 scratch. Empty file system.

Cornell Program Synthesizer

  Label Description
  PLC/S The Cornell Program Synthesizer


Here's a list of the written Terak-related materials I have, by category.

General Terak-related

I had a large Terak hardware manual in a 3-inch ring binder, but I can't find it. It must have been lost, along with other historical computing items, during my July 1995 move from Michigan to Wisconsin.

  Terak Corporation, Terak 8510/a Graphics Computer System Product Description. Publication No. 52-0001-001. Date unknown. 4 pp.

Describes the hardware of the system, with emphasis on the video system.

  Terak Corporation, Users Group. Scottsdale, Arizona. One-page announcement of the Terak User's Group, apparently from 1980.

UCSD Pascal

  Bowles, Kenneth L., Problem Solving Using PASCAL. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1977. 563 pp. Special printing for Apple Computer, Inc.

A soft-cover textbook teaching Pascal, focusing on UCSD Pascal. The book capitalizes the word PASCAL thoughout. The entire book is printed in a monospaced font!

  University of California, San Diego, Institute for Information Systems, UCSD PASCAL System II.0 User's Manual, March 1979. Serial number 3800. 281 pp.

Includes sections on the Pascal and Basic compilers, the linker and assembler, the debugger, and a line-oriented editor. The PASCAL (sic) language is described, and there are implementation sections for the CP/M and PDP-11 versions. Terak is not specifically mentioned. The pseudo-machine and its opcodes are described.

  University of California, San Diego, Institute for Information Systems. Title page is missing; title is probably something like UCSD PASCAL System I.4b User's Manual, April 1978. 261 pp.

Appears to be an earlier version of the above manual.

  SofTech Microsystems, UCSD p-System Installation Guide. San Diego: SofTech Microsystems, Inc. February 1981. 170 pp.

Despite the name, this manual focuses on the system programming necessary to customize the p-System to new hardware. Includes an extensive section on terminal handling, and notes on bootstrapping and the SBIOS (Simplified Basic I/O Subsystem). Processor notes are included for Z-80/8080, PDP-11/LSI-11, 6502, and 9900.

  SofTech Microsystems, UCSD p-System Internal Architecture Guide. San Diego: SofTech Microsystems, Inc. March 1981. 143 pp.

Heavy-duty low-level description of the system. Includes code segments, codefile organization, the complete p-code instruction set, the Basic I/O Subsystem (slightly higher-level than the SBIOS described above), and a description of the p-machine operating system.

  University of California, San Diego, Institute for Information Systems, Newsletter #4: UCSD Pascal Project. La Jolla, CA, July 9, 1979. 12 pp.

Discusses the fact that UCSD Pascal licensing and support has been turned over to SofTech Microsystems Inc., a newly-formed subsidiary of SofTech Inc. of Waltham, Massachusetts. Also discusses "the great version number fiasco", a list of processors for which there are implementations, and a discussion of future plans.

  Terak User's Group, Terak User's Group Newsletter. Scottsdale, Arizona. Volume 1., Issue 1: May , 1981; Volume 2, Issue 1: April, 1982;
  Terak User's Group, Bulletin of Available Terak Software (Tugboats). Scottsdale, Arizona. Volume 1, Issue 1: 1981; Volume 2, Issue 1: 01-Jan-82.
  Bowles, Kenneth L., ed., EDUCOM 1979 Seminar Series: Pascal and Microcomputers. 108 pp. plus the below manual.

A collection of papers for a seminar by Ken Bowles. Many of the papers are by Ken Bowles. Includes a 179-page draft of Bowles's Beginner's Manual for the UCSD Pascal System.

  UCSD System User's Society, USUS News. San Diego, CA. August, 1980. No issue number. ~40 pp.

Includes a catalog of the USUS software library, interminable meeting minutes, notes on separate compilation of program units, and a few obscure software product descriptions.

  SofTech Microsystems, San Diego, CA. Various product announcements, including an announcement of UCSD p-System Version IV.0 from early 1981.


  Smith, Marc. Letter to Peter Pirozzo of Michigan State University, accompanying a distribution of Mini-UNIX for the Terak 8510/a. Special Interactive Computation Laboratory, University of Minnesota, April 30, 1980.
  Lycklama, H., The MINI-UNIX System, Memorandum for File. Bell Laboratories, January 3, 1977. 8 pp.
  Bell Labs, MINI-UNIX Summary. January 1977. 14 pp.